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(Said no one ever)

But here at City Innovate it's true

We focus on CIOs, Agency Leaders, and Procurement Officers tasked with driving innovation and digital transformation from inside of City, County, State, and Federal government. What they tell us is that procurement is the first step towards innovation and digital transformation. To make that first step happen with more speed & less effort, we make a suite of products that work in the cloud, support remote collaboration, and will turbocharge your workflows.

Battle-tested and ready for remote work and the demands of COVID-19  

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Clients accelerating procurement with City Innovate

Accelerate every stage of technology acquisition with City Innovate


Capture ideas, turn ideas into projects, and understand at a glance where each project is in the pipeline. Get crystal clear on what problem you are trying to solve, to move forward in your government's technology acquisition process.


Build complex solicitations in less time for compliance with the rigorous requirements of your purchasing organization. Includes best practices and prompts on how to optimize your solicitation. Supports RFPs and other types of complex solicitations as well as challenge-based procurement (CBP).


Turn your solicitation into a contract with minimal extra work.


Track results across your entire portfolio of innovation and digital transformation projects.

It's time to upgrade how procurement gets done

City Innovate integrates with the products of importance to CIOs

Battle-tested for remote work and COVID-19

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After an intensive application process, the 2019 cohort of the Startup in Residence (STIR) program is officially off and running. This year saw growth beyond the areas served by last year’s program, with 31 government partners — including cities, counties, states, and regional authorities — participating in the program, up from nine jurisdictions last cohort.

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