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Senior Procurement Analyst

April 1, 2022

The Senior Procurement Analyst’s role is to execute purchasing transactions such as, developing solicitation documents, processing purchase requests and completing negotiation plans on complex contracts, whether they are customers or end users. This includes analyzing Statement of Work and project plans, assists in defining products and services specifications and determining contract parameters including cost of contract, creation of performance-based criteria, and solicitation of bids. The Senior Procurement Analyst will also apply proven communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills to help support the procurement process, and to ensure that procurement deliverables are met according to required tasks.  The Senior Procurement Analyst will play a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with department policies, Public Contract code, Administrative Manual, and achieving competitive procurement goals.


Strategy and Planning

·       Collaborate with project managers and procurement officials to determine procurement tasks and priorities.

·       Clearly identify procurement approach and strategies, including RFP, ITB, Challenge-Based Procurement (CBP), RFO, RFQ, and RFIs

·       Conduct interviews to gather user requirements through workshops, questionnaires, surveys, site visits, workflow storyboards, use cases, scenarios, and other methods.

·       Identify and establish the scope and parameters of procurement requirements analysis on a project-by-project basis.

·       Work with stakeholders and the project team to review and validate requirements.

·       Research, review, and analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of existing procurement processes and develop strategies for enhancing or further leveraging these processes.

Acquisition and Deployment

·       Assist in developing procurement packages for software and hardware products to meet agreed-upon requirements and to support purchasing efforts.

·       Participate in the facilitation, QA, documentation, evaluation, and negotiations of purchased solutions to ensure that the features and functions have been enabled and optimized.

·       Participate in any requirements documentation, problem statement development, Technical/functional/non-functional requirement gathering

·       Drafts, evaluates and reviews terms and conditions for products and services of high dollar value contracts

·       Establish evaluation sheets, formulas, approach, strategies, and summary

·       Conduct strategic sourcing activities to ensure the needs of the customers are addressed; identifies and notifies potential sources; conducts pre-bid and pre-proposal conferences; coordinates evaluation committee

Operational Management

·       Analyze and verify requirements for completeness, consistency, comprehensibility, feasibility, and conformity to procurement standards.

·       Develop and utilize standard templates to accurately and concisely write requirements specifications.

·       Translate conceptual user requirements into functional requirements in a clear manner that is comprehensible to developers/the project team.

·       develop statement of work or scope of work on based on information gathered on behalf of customers

·       Create procurement procedural documents, diagrams, training materials, and models,

·       Conduct peer reviews of the solicitation packages to ensure accuracy and completeness

·       Assist with the interpretation of user requirements into feasible options and communicate these back to the business stakeholders.

·       Manage and track the status of procurement throughout the project lifecycle; enforce and redefine as necessary.

·       Communicate changes, enhancements, and modifications of procurement documentation– verbally or through written documentation – to project managers, sponsors, and other stakeholders so that issues and solutions are understood.

·       Provide guidance and/or instruction to junior staff members.

Position Requirements

Formal Education and Certification

·       College diploma or university degree in the field of business administration, computer science, finance, or information systems and two to five years of related work experience.

Knowledge and Experience

·       Demonstrated knowledge of purchasing, contracting, and supply chain management process and operations.

·       Proven experience with business and technical requirements analysis, elicitation, modeling, verification, and methodology development.

·       Experience in conducting competitive solicitations

·       Expertise in various solicitation development related to either information technology, medical patient care, facilities, or professional services contracting with an emphasis on analytical skills, project management, various types of solicitations, negotiation of price and contractual terms/conditions, cost savings and vendor management.

·       Ability to create systematic and consistent procurement procedures

·       Ability to apply statistical and other research methods into systems, issues, and products as required.

·       Clear understanding of product management and market placement.

·       Demonstrated project management skills and project management software skills, including planning, organizing, and managing resources.

·       Understanding of information technology and software development life cycle concepts.

·       Working knowledge of network and PC operating systems

·       Working knowledge of current network hardware, protocols, and standards.

·       Extensive experience with the organization’s core software applications, including SalesForce, ERP, SAP, PeopleSoft, ServiceNow, MS Office

·       Excellent understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives.

Personal Attributes

·       Ability to exercise independent judgment and take action on it.

·       Excellent analytical, mathematical, and creative problem-solving skills.

·       Excellent listening, interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills.

·       Logical and efficient, with keen attention to detail.

·       Highly self-motivated and directed.

·       Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks while under pressure.

·       Strong customer service orientation.

·       Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.

Work Conditions

·       Occasional evening and weekend work to meet deadlines.

·       Sitting for extended periods of time.

·       Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard or mouse, and to handle other computer components.

·       Lifting and transporting of moderately heavy objects, such as computers and peripherals.

Minimum Experiences

·       Four (4) years of experience in purchasing, contracting and supply chain management for public-sector, preferably health or human services programs

·       Must have performed competitive procurement solicitation for large projects including Request for  Proposal, Invitation for Bid, Request for Offer, Request for Quote and Challenge-Based Procurement

·       Facilitated two (2) discrete Information Technology projects to document business-technology solution architecture, technology/data integration or solution implementation intended for solicitation

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