San Leandro + LotaData

Visualizing data from community centers to better serve residents.


City Partner:
San Leandro Recreation and Human Services Department (RHS)


San Leandro’s Recreation and Human Services (RHS) Department serves approximately 90,000 residents through 5,000 programs, classes, events and activities on an annual basis. The department also manages 40 facilities including community centers, senior centers, parks, playgrounds, sports fields and aquatic centers. Although the department had recently deployed a new enrollment system, they were unable to obtain key metrics for program planning and budgeting. The city was in need of data analytics and insights to make critical decisions about activities and classes to offer residents and how best to increase engagement with local communities.


The LotaData team worked with RHS staff to identify which data to capture and how to collect it. They combined city data with third party private data including census tract and community surveys in order to share new insights for decision makers in RHS. The team analyzed registrations, enrollments and revenue for RHS, who would then plan programming that was more responsive to community interests.


LotaData’s “People Intelligence” platform ingests data from all available city systems and databases and then extracts trends and patterns across data streams including monthly enrollments, withdrawals, wait lists, demographics and revenue for each council district. These insights are displayed in an easy to use geo-dashboard for cities through reports such as a geo-location heatmap of people who have visited a city facility or participated in a city program, or 311 service requests tracked across categories with location and status displayed on a map. Additionally, single-click SMS push notifications and email alerts can be easily sent to people enrolled in a program or visiting a facility.


• LotaData built the geo-dashboard during the program and conducted training sessions for city staff.
• The geo-dashboard went live on November 14, 2016. LotaData and San Leandro are in contract negotiations.
• While the company’s origins are in the private sector, LotaData now considers the public sector an important pillar of their company offerings.

"LotaData benefited from the unique opportunity to directly collaborate with and learn from government leaders and stakeholders. This enabled us to develop our technology platform for data-driven operational optimization of city programs and facilities, so that cities can engage with local communities in meaningful ways."

Apu Kumar

Founder & CEO, LotaData

"The STIR program allowed us to technologically improve our ability to be responsive to our community. LotaData revolutionized our ability to receive, analyze and project our program data and will shift our operational paradigm, allowing us to better serve our customers and community. It is one of the most user-friendly, dynamic tools I have ever experienced in my career. The city administration looks forward to utilizing these tools and learning how we can potentially use this technology citywide."

Jeanette Dong

Recreation and Human Services Director, City of San Leandro