Augmented Reality to improve, modernize, and allow greater immersion in the teach-learning of BART mechanics and technicians.


Bay Area Rapid Transit


AV/AR, Process Improvement, Digitization


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October 16, 2019


December 1, 2019 3:59 PM

Q&A Period:

October 16, 2019 - November 6, 2019


The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) is seeking a innovative solution to improve, modernize, and allow greater immersion in the teach-learning process in order to optimize materials, infrastructure, and time resources for our BART mechanics and technicians..


Currently BART’s training program for maintenance workers, are required to attend classes. The current training approach is a compilation of classroom based, hands on,  on-line and also utilizes subject matter experts as instructors.  

 BART seeks a virtual tool that features the assembly and disassembly of some electro-mechanical component that has integrated maintenance/repair procedures. 

There may be extended periods of time between formal training and when a technician uses the knowledge and skills acquired on the job.  In addition, some tasks may not be performed regularly.  The adage “use it or lose it” applies impacting repair times and equipment reliability.  Refresher training needs to be provided in a format that is easily accessible at the work location and simple to use. 

Requirements & Outcome

 OCIO & Operations is seeking a solution that would have the following outcomes:
  • Detailed enough to be utilized by someone who is actually performing the work.  Should provide sufficient detail for an employee to follow the instructions to effectively perform the work. 
  • Must be mobile enabled for IOS/Android 
  • A simple, attractive and intuitive user interface to facilitate participation from those with limited technological experience
  • A system that allows the user to select the work environment and the level of difficulty during the training process 
  • A system that can connect with onboard diagnostic devices in trains. 
  • Reducing training and onboarding time. 
  • Reducing complicated repair time. 
  • SCORM compliance desired