Automated Cash Handling


San Francisco Superior Court


Process Improvement, Workflow


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Application Period:

October 16, 2019


December 1, 2019 3:59 PM

Q&A Period:

October 16, 2019 - October 30, 2019


The San Francisco Superior Court is seeking a a digital solution to automate and streamline existing cash handling processes and counting tasks. This solution should be beneficial for our staff to improve accuracy by reducing human error associated with manual counting and improve productivity by automating court deposit reports.


Every division in the court handles cash and deposits for filing fees, copy and record fees and court ordered collections (e.g., fines and penalty fees) in the case of traffic and criminal units.  There are currently 116 staff that touch cash across the Court including managers, supervisors and deputy clerks who work at the front counters when taking payments from the public.  At the end of the day, clerks must balance their cash drawers against their fiscal payment reports which is verified again by a supervisor. The deposit is forwarded to fiscal staff who re-count the deposits for each cashier and prepare the daily bank deposit slip.  Streamlining this process will generate immediate time savings while improving the accuracy of collection efforts by automating cash handling tasks. 

Requirements & Outcome

Goals and Objectives
The goal is to reduce the manual tasks staff carry out associated with cash handling by automating the cash collection and reporting process.  This would reduce the time for staff to count the money since there that tally is automate so the primary role for the cashier and supervisor is to look for any discrepancies. Further, tallying all the deposits form the 116 staff will be automated therefore streamlining the bank deposit process.  This challenge statement also aims to lay the foundation for a one-stop self-check kiosk set up similar to the grocery stores whereby payments can be taken without a staff person.  Automated cash handling will also improve fiscal controls since staff will not be touching the cash except to deal with an exception.  
Technological Standards
The fiscal division is seeking a digital solution at the windows that will include:
• Payment slot that takes cash and provide change to the customer
• Takes check, endorse and automatically scan amount and image into the case management system
• Produces a collection report that breaks out by cash denomination and provides totals and subtotals for cash, change and checks
• Produces report that tabulates total court wide deposit for the division or location that can be used for the daily deposit
• Detect counterfeit money
• Issue receipt that provides info on transaction including case number