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October 16, 2019 - November 20, 2019

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October 30, 2019 - November 8, 2019


The City of Fremont GIS Division of the ITS Department is seeking a online interactive solution to combine authoritative maps with narrative text, images and multimedia content for our enable City staff to compile and deliver improved information about city council districts, parks and recreation services and locations, and landmark and historical locations to residents and visitors through the City’s website.


As the City of Fremont is the fourth most populous city in the Bay Area and an epicenter for regional cut-through traffic, there are numerous visitors to the City daily. The ability to provide accessible information regarding the City’s resources will not only improve the City’s ability to have efficient operations, but it will increase the accessibility of services for Fremont visitors and residents. 
There are four City departments in support of this project: 
1.    The City Manager’s Office is responsible for connecting citizens with their community. 
2.    The GIS Division of ITS is responsible for delivering interactive apps and mapping tools that enable our customers to access and visualize City information. 
3.    Recreation Services offers a wide variety of facilities and activities for our customers.  The City offers many leisure activities for all interests through the Recreation Services Division. 
4.    The City of Fremont GIS Division of the Information Technology Department is responsible for developing, maintaining and distributing geospatial data while delivering strategic interactive mobile applications and mapping tools that enable City stakeholders to access, collect, analyze and visualize information.  
Current Process 
Within the City’s current website platform, visitors must access different webpages to receive information about various attributes of the City, such as separate webpages for City of Fremont City Council districts, parks and landmarks, and historical locations. The process of using multiple webpage platforms creates an inefficient, non- interactive experience for the user that usually results in service calls to departments that can be solved online to reduce response times. These pages are also not mobile or smart accessory friendly. The City also uses social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to share news, events, and incidents.  However, most visitors do not follow the City’s social media accounts. 
Our current process results in: 
·         Lack of geographic location of where facilities are located 
·         Too many clicks to get to multiple webpages to view needed information 
·         Not an interactive experience for the user 
·         Not mobile friendly, not as accessible as we want it to be 

Requirements & Outcome

  • An online interactive  mapping tool for customers referred to as “Story Maps”
  • Usage of GIS technology  and information provided by the City that would include mapped locations, biographical and/or location information and links to City Services 
  • Esri-supported application that combines authoritative maps with narrative texts, images, and multimedia content 
  • Creation of three Story Maps in which content includes: 
    • 1. City Council District Maps 
      • Narrative texts, images, and multimedia content 
    • 2. Parks and Recreation services and locations 
      • Narrative texts, images, and multimedia content 
    • 3. Landmark and Historical Locations 
      • Narrative texts, images, and multimedia content
  • Improved transparency on providing information regarding City services 
  • Better informed visitors 
  • Improvements to creating an interactive experience on the City’s website
  • Modernized webpage platform visual and operation experience 
  • Mobile friendly application