Digital knowledge portal to memorialize actions and decisions of experienced staff


State of Arizona


Communications, Data Collection, Process Improvement, Workflow


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Procurement Method:

Informal RFP
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Application Period:

October 16, 2019


December 1, 2019 3:59 PM

Q&A Period:

October 16, 2019 - November 5, 2019



There currently does not exist a repository or library of information or lessons learned from the departing workforce who is retiring from state service.  Current indicators are that 25% of the current state workforce is eligible for or will be retiring within the next 2 years.  This proposed knowledge portal will enable senior staff to input and share their experiences and knowledge with new or inexperienced staff.  The envisioned results are:

1.    Ease for new hires to know history or functions of departments and their mission;
2.   Avoidance of mistakes or judgement errors by staff who do not understand or know the organizational impacts or results of their actions;
3.   Provides a training library of actions or steps to enable successful program execution;
4.   Affords the exiting employee the ability to share lessons learned or concepts that are not easily taught through formal learning mechanisms.

Requirements & Outcome

The State currently utilizes multiple software programs for the delivery of their mission.  These products include, at a minimum, basic Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access databases.  However, the State has recently converted its Office Suite of products to Google, including Google docs, and Google Sheets.  It is envisioned that this solution look to the utilization of the Google Suite.  The final solution should have the following outcomes:

1.  Allows for the entry of information based on business category; i.e. Risk Management, Finance, Procurement, Statue and Rules, Legislation. and Operations.
2.  Provides or is developed on simple business rules or categorizing of like information in the repository
3.  Utilizes existing systems (Google Suite)
4.  Can be accessed concurrently or more than 1 user simultaneously
5.  Is graphically engaging and encourages collaboration between parties
6.  Progression of data entry is intelligent or has the capacity to ask questions to assist in the entry
7.   Can generate both printed and digital reports or summaries of the content