Electronic review and routing of city council items


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October 16, 2019


December 1, 2019 3:59 PM

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October 16, 2019 - November 5, 2019


The The City of Carlsbad is seeking a efficient solution to replace the paper routing for our city council agenda items.


Currently, a paper process is used for the review and routing of all legislative and informational items that go to a public hearing of the city council. This is inefficient and prone to error. Additionally, there is no management visibility during the routing process and no data that is captured. 

The current process starts with an item being generated in a department. It is then routed to required reviewers who provide edits and comments. The department then finalizes the item and it is ultimately posted in .pdf form to the city's website as a part of a city council agenda packet. A paper routing slip with the required reviewers is attached to the folder which the item is placed in. This is hand-carried to the required reviewers. 

The process is antiquated and needs to be changed but the attempts to shift to a digital solution have met with significant resistance.  Both the process and the technology used to address this problem needs to be cognizant of the culture shift necessary to make this happen.

Requirements & Outcome

A digital system for the review and routing of city council items should have the following outcomes:
  •  Logical workflow 
  • Multiple reviewer capability
  • Item status visibility
  • Electronic signature

Other features that would be nice to have include:
  • Integrated publishing features that allow for automatic publishing on the city website
  • Data analytics
  • Dashboards for city management to gain insights into the process
  • Ability to assign surrogates in the case a user is unavailable to continue routing the item