Intelligent Sensor Platform for Public Safety


City of Chula Vista


Data Analytics, Data Collection, AI/ML


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Application Period:

March 6, 2020


April 6, 2020 5:00 PM

Q&A Period:

March 20, 2020 - March 31, 2020


The City of Chula Vista is seeking creative and effective solution to store, analyze and alert on public safety threats at the edge sensor location for our communities.


The City of Chula Vista purchased and deployed 6 public safety cameras near Harborside Park and Memorial Park with plans to deploy many more. However, after assessing the capabilities and challenges, the decision was made to indefinitely postpone any new public safety camera systems until the targeted alerting towards specific threats, largely generated through calls for service to our 911 operations was feasible at the edge sensor nodes or through proactive policing by officers in the field.

Requirements & Outcome

 The desired outcomes include an increase in public safety due to a higher rate of crimes solved, faster response due to proactive alerts with verifiable data and improved situational awareness for responders.
City of Chula Vista is seeking a solution to store, analyze and alert on public safety threats at the edge sensor location.
Data flow between the edge device and the public safety agency should be limited to system health, configuration updates, AI search and alert criteria, short lower resolution video or audio clip pertaining to the alert.
The system should be designed to have centralized and granular control of permissions and granular control of audit logging for the use (and attempted use) of each permission. 
The system should have a console for an analyst/operator to provide search/alert criteria updates. Here are some examples: 
Example 1) Blue pickup truck near (1,000 feet) of an address within the past 15 minutes. Reason for search: Suspect vehicle for armed robbery. CAD Incident number XXXXX 
Example 2) Person with gun 
Example 3) Person with White shirt and Red Baseball hat riding a bicycle near 900 Broadway. Reason for search: Assault Suspect. CAD Incident: XXXXXX 
Example 4) Unaccompanied minor (child without adult within 150 feet) 
Example 5) Red sedan with license plate SAM123. Reason for search: Stolen vehicle 
Example 6) Fire 
Example 7) Vehicle driving wrong direction 
Example 8) Person in street, not in or near Pedestrian right of way 
Example 9) Fight in progress 
Example 10) Combustible gas detected 
Search criteria should expire automatically 4 hours after created or upon demand by an analyst/operator 
Search criteria should allow for searches for persons, vehicles matching a description within 1,000 feet of a location as far back as the archived storage (at the edge) allows. 
Minimum storage capacity for a highly active environment should support 14 days of retention with the capability to overwrite as needed (limit retention to 14 days) 
The intelligent sensor housing should be outdoor rated with an expected Mean Time To Failure of 5 years. 
The sensor housing should be powered using a photo cell power adapter atop the street light or powered through the city’s infrastructure at Intersections. 
The communication uplink must support authentication, authorization and encryption and the connection needs to support 4G LTE, WiFi (WPA2-Enterprise) or Ethernet (RJ45). 
The intelligent sensor platform must be capable of enabling on-demand WPA2-Personal WiFi by an operator of a specific sensor node in order to facilitate evidence quality data extraction by an evidence collection technician or public safety officer/investigator without requiring a bucket truck and traffic control costs to physically access the sensor node to retrieve the data. 
The sensor node should be configured to function as an Edge Archiver within the Genetec or Vigilant Video Management System in order to allow the Windows or Mobile client software from those VMS systems to search for a video segment from the archive as well as stream live video natively within the VMS application