Provide dashboards of public service requests made by residents to various departments in the City of Phoenix.


City of Phoenix


Data Analytics, Data Collection, CRM / Application Management, Resident Engagment


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Application Period:

October 16, 2019


December 4, 2019 3:59 PM

Q&A Period:

October 16, 2019 - November 6, 2019


The City of Phoenix is seeking a mechanism to export the CRM data from our Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to a SQL Server database in Azure solution to to facilitate rapid dashboarding so we can provide for our city leadership and residents with realtime dashboards on city service requests efficiencies.


 The City of Phoenix utilizes Microsoft Dynamics CRM to facilitate service requests with various departments.   These requests can be requested via the portal at  These requests cover the range of services from Water start/stops, Public Works trash can requests to reporting discrimination cases to Phoenix Police Public Records Requests to reporting homelessness. 

Requirements & Outcome

 1.     Provide a mechanism to export the CRM data to a SQL Server database in Azure. The City already utilizes Azure to host the Dynamics CRM, Azure B2C and other IaaS, PaaS based services from Microsoft. 
2.     Facilitate rapid dashboarding.  The objective of this challenge is to implement an ETL which exports the data to the SQL Server database in Azure on a configurable interval. 
3.     The City of Phoenix Business Intelligence and Data Analytics team will then utilize their Oracle analytics platform/OBIEE tools to create dynamic dashboards with data from the SQL Server.