Regional Emergency Operations Center Visual Information System


Metropolitan Transportation Commission


Data Collection, Geo Services, Resilience


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Application Period:

October 16, 2019


December 2, 2019 3:59 PM

Q&A Period:

October 16, 2019 - November 5, 2019


The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is seeking a robust and easy-to-use solution to improve the ability to graphically visualize in real-time the regional transit assets, transportation conditions, and other critical information data points during an emergency event for our Bay Area emergency managers.


Currently, there are various complex online platforms for Bay Area emergency managers to visit in order to gather critical information during an emergency. When time is of the essence, it would take an unnecessary amount of time to visit all of these sites in order to make an Incident Action Plan to prepare for the emergency response.

Many of these critical information data points such as transit assets (bus and rail locations) have publicly available API’s made available by the respective transit agencies, however, currently there is no regional mapping platform that will let an emergency manager visualize all of the assets at one time at the regional level. The possible API's for integration include 511's open traffic and transit data, as well as open data sources from related public agencies and private transportation companies in the Bay Area. 

Requirements & Outcome

MTC is seeking an all-in-one online platform tool that can be used by emergency managers in the region. MTC is looking for the following qualities in this product: 

  • Government emergency response focused. This app shall contain layers, both real-time and static, that are applicable to emergency response. 
  • Uncomplicated format so that it can be easily used on the fly by a variety of computer competency levels. It should be intuitive so that training is not required.
  • All-encompassing tool so that the time-consuming task of visiting many different sites is not necessary. 
  • Accessible and available to multiple Bay Area agencies. 
  • Highly available and redundant hosting so that the service itself is not affected by the emergency.
  • Incorporates MTC’s existing APIs plus other publicly available APIs from public agencies and private companies.
  • Ability to generate maps, reports, and graphical data to be used for emergency planning and analysis purposes, as well as public information and media purposes (e.g., map for display on the website).  
  • Ability to display/perform historical analysis of emergency events for post-emergency evaluation.