Simple Online Application and Payment System for Transportation Permits


City of West Sacramento


Permit Streamlining


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Application Period:

October 16, 2019


December 1, 2019 3:59 PM

Q&A Period:

October 16, 2019 - November 5, 2019


The City of West Sacramento is seeking a easy-to-use solution to streamline the transportation permit application process for our trucking community and front-line staff.


Transportation Permits (“T-Permits”) are required in West Sacramento for all oversized or extra-legal trucking loads.   T-Permits are required when a load cannot be reduced and transported in a legal vehicle, and can be issued on a single-trip or annual basis.   T-Permits are typically issued after payment has been made, and the proposed route has been reviewed and approved by the City.  The T-Permit must be carried by the permittee in the vehicle to which it refers at all times while moving through the city. 

 The existing T-Permit application system is cumbersome for both applicants and City staff.   Through a recent innovation, the process is now paperless, but still requires applicants to complete a PDF form and submit it via e-mail.  Upon receipt, City staff must manually track the PDF forms and enter appropriate data into the City’s accounting system in order to process applications, record payments, and maintain “drawdown account” balances.   The City allows Permit companies, who obtain permits on behalf of transporters, to maintain “drawdown” accounts by submitting a check for at least $500. Otherwise, permits are paid on a case-by-case basis. All payments are currently received by check through US Mail.  Payments are allowed by cash  or credit card (in-person only); however this option is rarely utilized.  The current approach is plagued by many challenges, including:  applicant errors in filling out the necessary form(s); multiple potential error nodes during the City’s manual processing of applications; inconvenient payment methods;  and the need to manually enter data into the City’s accounting system in order to record payments properly. 

Requirements & Outcome

 The City seeks an online system that would streamline the processing of T-Permits.   The product should include the following features: 
·       Interactive online forms (not PDFs) 
·       Ability for City staff to make revisions to submitted forms 
·       Automatic assignment of unique T-Permit numbering convention (i.e. 19-001, 19-002, etc.) 
·       Context-sensitive help feature 
·       Account management, including payment and ability to review/access/recycle prior permits 
·       Allows online payment via credit card 
·       Integrates with the City’s finance system 
·       Back end reporting capabilities and database tied to online form fields 
·       Allows applicants to check the status of their application online 
·       Allows staff secure online access to confirm permit validity, including e-signatures 
·       Automatic internal escalation based on configurable service level agreements 
·       Automatic flagging of applicants who have failed to submit full payment for past permits