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October 9, 2019


December 30, 2019 4:00 PM

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December 9, 2019 - December 20, 2019


The Department of Transportation is seeking a innovative solution to real-time curb use information for our riders, first/last mile operators, and navigation apps.


Curb use management at transit stations is a big deal because hundreds, if not thousands, of people are entering/exiting stations every day.  The need for curb space during peak periods is very different than the need during non-peak periods. Additionally, temporary changes are made to station curb use due to construction or events.

Currently curb uses at our stations are indicated by curb paint and signage. While these can include time of day/day of week variations, and we can put temporary signage up for temporary changes such as for construction or an event, most people don’t know about it until they get to the station.  They then have to make adjustments on the spot, get confused, don’t see signage, and congestion happens. We’d like to be able to get this information out to those accessing the stations before they arrive and see the signs. Better yet, we’d like people to be able to plan their trip in a way that takes these changes into consideration automatically.

First/last mile operators, and individual users are increasingly using navigation apps that could incorporate both permanent and temporary curb uses, if they could be automated. The problem is that most of these changes are done manually, even by major tech companies. While not as slow as changing paint and signage, this is still labor intensive, and because the process is manual on both sides, there is room for mistakes to be made. BART is not the only jurisdiction requesting these changes from them, and because it is time consuming for all parties, we focus on the top priority permanent curb uses, and the most impactful temporary changes.

Requirements & Outcome

DOT seeks a technology solution that would have the following outcomes:

  • Curbs and their use designation can be mapped accurately
  • Specific lengths of curbs can be identified by their use permanently, by time of day and day of week
  • Specific lengths of curbs can be identified by their use temporarily, over-riding the permanent designation
  • Temporary curb designations can be scheduled to start and end in advance, and this scheduling can be edited before or during the active time.
  • Permanent and temporary designations can be provided to outside users, such as first/last mile operators and navigation apps via an API in a format that they will be able to read and incorporate into their user interface automatically.