Waze Connected Citizens Program Automation


City of Carlsbad


Data Collection, Mobility


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Application Period:

October 16, 2019


December 1, 2019 3:59 PM

Q&A Period:

October 16, 2019 - November 6, 2019


The City of Carlsbad is seeking a integrated solution to provide city right-of-way data directly into the Waze for Cities Data program for our improved communication of mobility data to our residents..


Waze for Cities Data program allows for the two-way flow of information from Waze to a city for mobility purposes and from the city to Waze. The city has a digital program for permitting. Rather than upload this information into the system, we would like to find a way to automatically push this data into the Waze for City Data program and look for other integrations what will allow data from Waze to be integrated with any of our systems.

Requirements & Outcome

The City is seeking a solution that would:
  • Analyze the opportunities of the Waze for Cities program opportunities
  • Integrate a two-way flow from the city systems to Waze and back
  • Analyze opportunities for improved mobility outcomes based upon this two-way flow of data