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Past Solicitations/Challenges

Use of Self-Service Channels

Encouraging customers to make greater use of self-service channels, so they can skip a face-to-face visit to the DMV. Ideas to test include: remote proctoring of written driver's license test; using a smart phone to scan in documents needed for REAL ID.

Emergency Services

Improve the emergency alert system used with County personnel so that alerts for natural disasters appear simultaneously across desktops and mobile devices.  The current system does not allow for this and is problematic now that so many of our employees are working from home.

Vaccine Distribution

Ensuring the State is in readiness with a set of vendors capable of distributing COVID-19 vaccines to the community in a fair and equitable manner.  Includes attention to the information systems required to manage process from end-to-end.

Remote Toolkit

Cloud-based and remote tools for county employees to encourage and support remote collaboration with proper attention to cybersecurity.  (This is for a county that was subject to a ransomware attack earlier this year.)

Eliminating long waits for appointments

Customers love to avoid the line and visit the DMV by appointment only. Due to COVID-19, the DMV is running at a significant backlog resulting in very long waits for appointments.  How can we improve appointment availability while protecting the system from BOTS and bad actors that grab multiple appointment slots?

Optimize Workforce

COVID-19 has resulted in many more workers calling in sick, going on leave, or otherwise limiting their availability to work at the local office and interface directly with the public.  How do we best optimize the workforce to meet customer demand?

Digital Transformation
Emergency Services
cybersecurity remote work
behavior change optimization
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