Build solicitations, contracts, and grant applications in 70% less time—without cutting corners.

Document Builder is the core of the City Innovate platform. Built from the ground up to create compliant, complex solicitations and other documents in less time. Document Builder streamlines the acquisition process and dramatically speeds up the fundamental processes of procurement, contracting, and grants. Documents that used to take 9-18 months to produce can be generated in 9-18 weeks–a 70 percent improvement in time-to-result. Engineered for remote work and collaboration, Document Builder makes it easy to manage the contributions of hundreds of subject matter experts, all while ensuring strict compliance, eliminating version control headaches, and incorporating your existing business logic and workflows.


Turbocharge your workflows

Speeds up workflows when writing RFPs, RFIs. Includes best practices and prompts to optimize your solicitation.

Stop reinventing the wheel with advanced language reuse

Supports language reuse by providing access to similar historical solicitations and contract language. Uses AI + machine learning to identify similar language from past solicitations and other documents for re-use.


Supports your business logic and workflows. Provides ready access to the specific language, attachments, and exhibits needed based on document type. Ensures mission-critical documents–solicitations, contracts, and grant RFAs–comply with the rigorous requirements of your organization.

Configure, don’t customize

We can get you up and running on our platform in weeks, not months or years. Our platform and modules were built from the ground up to handle the specific needs of government.

Accelerate Your Workflows
Advanced Language Reuse
Compliance Is Built In
Fast Time to Value