July 15, 2023 • Announcements

Contract Administration

We all know that effective contracts are the foundation of business relationships.

Effective contract generation mitigates risks and maximizes value, ensures compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and organizational policies, and clarifies requirements and expectations – ensuring suppliers or contractors understand and can meet the specific needs. Most importantly, it establishes a legal framework by defining terms and conditions and providing the necessary documentation.

Introducing City Innovate Contract Administration, designed to simplify and streamline contract creation, negotiation, amendment, and renewals with a comprehensive set of functionalities. Built-in collaboration tools facilitate effective communication and coordination among all stakeholders to address any issues or concerns that arise during contract creation. Renewal and addendum flows help summarize and manage any changes to the contract while ensuring proper documentation and approvals are obtained.

Move Solicitation to Contract with Ease

  • In just a few clicks, turn a contract into a solicitation
  • Save time and eliminate errors
  • Eliminate friction around internal document handoffs
Empower seamless collaboration

  • Invite stakeholders to contribute to the contract with ease
  • Empower stakeholders, legal, and vendors to collaborate in real time
  • Enhance communications and foster teamwork
Save significant time when creating addendums and contract renewal

  • Create addendums and contract renewals in less time and with less effort
  • Automatically log all changes and decisions