Looking to evaluate City Innovate’s Document Process Automation solutions? You’ve come to the right place.

Here are the criteria we recommend you use when evaluating us against the competition.

CRITERIA City Innovate Competitor #1 Competitor #2
Proven to reduce time-to-result by 70%.  Documents like solicitations that used to take 9-18 months can be completed in 9-18 weeks
TurboTax® like capability to generate the document set needed for a particular type of procurement, contract, or grant
Includes built-in tools for collaboration and task management to handle contributions from subject-matter experts and the C-suite
Granular permissions to allow contributors to edit some parts of the document while other parts remain locked down
Multi-user editor allows multiple people to work on the same document at the same time
Based on smart templates that capture your exact business logic and workflows. Templates provide a safe starting point to ensure compliance and reduces risk
White-glove service comes standard
Professional services available to reduce risk with your toughest procurement challenges
Friendly, knowledgeable people the majority of which have 10+ years of experience in government or technology
Full training curriculum available to build workforce capacity
Market Research Module with support for a Challenge-Based Approach™ to market research
Vendor Management Module available with a sophisticated online portal that provides one source of truth for vendors
99.996% uptime
Highly secure.  NIST 800-171 compliant and run on AWS GovCloud infrastructure, the highest level of security available
Integrates with ServiceNow, PeopleSoft, DocuSign and other enterprise applications