How We’re Different

Let’s face it. In government, consultants are everywhere. Our professional services team is different. On purpose. Everyone on the City Innovate team has at least a decade of experience working in government or technology. Government work is unique, and our team reflects that. Our government-centric staff includes experts from government in process improvement, procurement reform, and change management as well as technologists with hands-on experience in cybersecurity and encryption, AI/ML, modern databases, refactoring software for greater agility, and agile vs. waterfall development. In short, at City Innovate, we have experience you can leverage in both government and technology.

Our Services

All of our services are bespoke and include software license(s) that unlock the power of the City Innovate Document Process Automation™ platform. Clients typically start out by calling us in as a trusted resource for a single, high-impact project. Working with us is strategic, to reduce the risk of failure on a project that may fall outside your comfort zone.

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Guidance in developing meaningful policy/process reform

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Hands-on assistance with complex solicitations and the resulting procurements

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Assistance with your next Vendor Day/Bidder’s Conference

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Technical consulting on agile vs. waterfall development

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Best practices in agile procurement

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Building workforce capacity through ongoing support and training