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The Problem

To keep the government running like a well-oiled machine requires budget planning and change request process with built in agility. In a sometimes volatile economic climate, drastic changes in resource levels, budgets, and strategies are inevitable. We allow your agency to react to changes with greater agility.

The City Innovate’s B2RInsight solution for Budget to Results automates the budget planning and change request process end-to-end. B2RInsight takes advantage of the City Innovate Document Process Automation™ platform to accelerate document production. Thanks to our partnership with ServiceNow, B2RInsight integrates seamlessly with the ERP and other systems of record already in place at your agency for budget planning and oversight.

B2R process flow

Our Solution

City Innovate provide a complete end-to-end solution to manage the creation of budget planning documents as well as budget change orders. Our is a fully-integrated and automated end-to-end solution for budget planning and budget change requests for the most complex government agencies, eliminating manual process errors. Provides insights and visibility into each stage of the budget process to make informed decisions and push the business forward.

City Innovate B2RInsight™ provides the platform for comprehensive visibility, tracking, and reporting throughout the budget planning and change request process. Accelerates the production of documents critical to budget planning and change requests by 50-70%.

  • Automate the collection of budget inputs from across your agency and bring inputs together in one central repository.
  • Ensure that budget inputs don’t fall through the cracks with comprehensive decision logs and audit trails.
  • Improve prioritization and reduce errors versus the manual collection of budget inputs.
  • Increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Spend less time manually entering data and resolving conflicting inputs. Eliminates version control nightmares when producing documents that support your budget request.

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Our Platform

Smarter Documents; Better Results

All documents created on our advanced platform for Document Process Automation™ come with built-in intelligence, to unlock data hidden inside your documents and turn it into structured data. Then we make that data available to the systems of record in use within your agency. From local to state and federal, we enable government agencies to optimize and streamline processes by 50-70%.

Document Builder

Replaces desktop applications with a modern, cloud-based system built from the ground up for government agencies tasked with acquiring urgently needed technology + non-IT goods and services. Perfect for remote work and collaboration, Document Builder makes it easy to manage the contributions of even the largest teams while saving time, ensuring compliance, and eliminating version control nightmares.

Evaluation Builder

Replaces cumbersome evaluation workbooks with a modern, cloud-based system that allows evaluators to streamline and accelerate the entire evaluation process. Decisions are automatically captured and logged for greater transparency and security. Only City Innovate lets project managers create a form and set up evaluation criteria in one, simple step.

Contract Administration

Our templated approach enables you to create contracts with unprecedented speed that are in 100% compliance with your contracting standards. Boilerplate exhibits and attachments can be inserted in just a few clicks. Surfaces languages from historical contracts for reuse. Need to pull in language from a solicitation or other document? We make it quick and easy.

Contract Management

Once the contract is complete, we automate much of the oversight process by flagging milestones and tieing them to dates and payment terms. Reminders of upcoming milestones are automated, keeping everyone involved with the contract (vendors, contract manager, budget administrators) on task.


Provides procurement, contract, grant, and budget teams with a single source of truth. Agencies can now track anticipated spending by category, subcategory, department, and more while easy-to-understand visual reporting provides insight into how a project is proceeding and identifies potential bottlenecks in the process.


Our Document Process Automation platform can serve as the backbone of your system of record for procurement, contracts, grants, and budgeting.

With its flexible APIs, the platform easily integrates with existing software such as ServiceNow, Salesforce, PeopleSoft, DocuSign, Oracle for ERP.

From federal to state to local, we enable government agencies to optimize current systems and streamline processes by as much as 70%. We improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes that center around large documents including procurement, contracts, and grants administration.

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Built-in Intelligence
Document Builder
Evaluation Builder