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The Problem

City Innovate’s Grant to Fund supports your entire process for grants administration and management:

Grant to Fund process flow

  • End-to-end solution for Grant Management/Administration built to support any size government agency or department
  • Accelerates the entire process flow around grants—as required to maximize your agency’s ability to bring federal and other funds into your local jurisdiction
  • Combines document process automation™ from City Innovate with the power of ServiceNow’s purpose-built Public Sector Digital Services data model paired with digital portfolio management modules.

Our Solution

We do everything you’d expect from a robust Grant-to-Fund solution:

  • End-to-end solution for Grants to Fund purpose-built for the largest government agencies
  • Accelerates the entire process flow around Grant to Fund by 50-70%
  • Combines document process automation™ from City Innovate with the power of ServiceNow for workflow automation

Unique to City Innovate is the way we unleash the built-in intelligence inside the grant application and other documents that sit at the center of your grant administration and management process. We turn hidden data inside your documents into structured data, suitable for injection into the ERP systems you rely upon.

Developed in partnership with ServiceNow and powered by City Innovate x ServiceNow for 100% visibility into the entire Grants to Fund process, with special attention paid to post-grant management for insight into achievement of milestones and associated payment terms.


Streamline Processes

The average process around Grant to Fund inside government is 80% manual. G2FInsight™ automates those parts of the process you now handle manually. Working with us to accelerate process throughput by 50-70%.

Lack of Visibility throughout Lifecycle

See the entire lifecycle of Grant to Fund. Understand exactly where each grant application is in the process, evaluate submissions from potential grantees with ease, manage the grant approval process, get insight into exactly how much money has been committed, track milestones and payments made to grantees.

Compliance and Version Control

G2FInsight™ includes City Innovate’s advanced platform for Document Process Automation™.  To accelerate your Grants to Fund process while maximizing federal and other reimbursement dollars.  With G2FInsight™, there is no need to apply a manual compliance checklist as part of the process flow. Instead:

  • Document templates provide a safe and compliant starting point for all new projects
  • Boilerplate exhibits and attachments can be inserted in just a few clicks
  • Surfaces languages from historical documents for reuse in new project documents
  • Version Control is a non-issue thanks to built-in tools for collaboration and project management.

Siloed and Inefficient Processes

Be gone. Stop relying on email, shared drives, and desktop applications as the backbone of your project management and approval processes for Grants to Fund. G2FInsight™ includes support for complex business logic when routing documents for signatures at your agency.

Perfect for Busy Teams

Talent shortages inside federal, state, and large local agencies mean that many teams find they must do more with less.

G2FInsight™ provides a single application with a unified experience and automation layer. To streamline management and operations for those teams already running on the ServiceNow NOW® platform.

Streamline Processes
Lack of Visibility throughout Lifecycle
Compliance and Version Control
Siloed and Inefficient Processes
Perfect for Busy Teams