The Problem

Rejoice! The Federal government has made $433B available to local jurisdictions as part of the Inflation Reduction Act, with a similar amount coming from the Jobs Act, and more.  This should be good news – right? Except it’s a rare jurisdiction that has a real system in place for managing grants. Grants administration is too important to be left to desktop applications and shared drives. So what should be a good thing – a very good thing – ends up being a major headache for agency leaders tasked with grants administration.

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Our Solution

City Innovate provide a complete end-to-end solution to manage the grants administration process, to bring federal funds into your jurisdiction with greater speed and agility. Our solution starts with a templated approach to creating the RFA – request for application.  As with our other modules, we provide:

  • Single source of truth for the entirety of the grant application process.  Integrates with your financial planning and analysis systems using ServiceNow.
  • Smart templates to capture your business logic and process flows. Templates provide a safe starting place for developing the Request for Application (RFA) sent out to local jurisdictions and NGOs. Ensures compliance and reduces risk.
  • A sophisticated online portal for submissions. Keeps submissions safe and secure. Enables jurisdictions and NGOs to update their profiles in a self-help manner, saving grant administrators time and reducing the hassle of manual updates.
  • Ability to author forms and the evaluation criteria used to award grant money in one step. Unique to City Innovate.
  • Supports complex scoring and weighting of criteria used to evaluate submissions.
  • Records all decisions made in a decision log.
  • Task management to automatically remind grantees to send in required paperwork–as specified in the grant application–in a timely manner.


Our Platform

Smarter Documents; Better Results

Documents created on our platform come with built-in intelligence, to unlock data hidden inside your documents and turn it into structured data. Then we make that data available to systems of record in use within your agency. From local to state and federal, we enable government agencies to optimize current and streamline processes by 50%-70%.

Document Builder

Replaces desktop applications with a modern, cloud-based system built from the ground up for government agencies tasked with acquiring urgently needed technology + non-IT goods and services. Perfect for remote work and collaboration, Document Builder makes it easy to manage the contributions of even the largest teams while saving time, ensuring compliance, and eliminating version control nightmares.

Evaluation Builder

Replaces cumbersome evaluation workbooks with a modern, cloud-based system that allows evaluators to streamline and accelerate the entire evaluation process. Decisions are automatically captured and logged for greater transparency and security. Only City Innovate lets project managers create a form and set up evaluation criteria in one, simple step.


Provides procurement, contract, grant, and budget teams with a single source of truth. Agencies can now track anticipated spending by category, subcategory, department, and more while easy-to-understand visual reporting provides insight into how a project is proceeding and identifies potential bottlenecks in the process.


Our Document Process Automation platform can serve as the backbone of your system of record for procurement, contracts, or grants. With its flexible APIs, the platform easily integrates with existing software such as ServiceNow*, PeopleSoft, or DocuSign. From federal to state to local, we enable government agencies to optimize current systems and streamline processes by 50-70%. We improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes that center around large documents including procurement, contracts, and grants administration.

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Built-in Intelligence
Document Builder
Evaluation Builder