The Problem

Before a procurement can happen someone at your agency needs to do market research to determine which vendor(s) are available and what they can do. Market research as part of a procurement has a pretty set methodology. The innovation we bring is to give you the tools to go directly to vendors to collect information about the solutions available and their costs to quickly evaluate responses using Evaluation Builder, a fundamental part of our platform.


Our Solution

City Innovate’s Market Research Module provides everything your agency needs to go direct to vendors when gathering data; also we provide everything you need to get started with a Challenge-Based Approach™ to market research. The module assists you in authoring challenge statements, publishing them to the vendor community, and evaluating the resulting submissions using a phased approach. A Challenge-Based Approach™ to market research has been used by the California DMV and California EDD to good effect. The technique is proprietary to City Innovate: we’re a national leader in using a Challenge-Based Approach for market research.

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Our Platform

Smarter Documents; Better Results

All documents created on our advanced platform for Document Process Automation™ come with built-in intelligence, to unlock data hidden inside your documents and turn it into structured data. Then we make that data available to the systems of record in use within your agency. From local to state and federal, we enable government agencies to optimize and streamline processes by 50-70%.

Document Builder

Document Builder replaces desktop applications with a modern, cloud-based system built from the ground up for government agencies tasked with acquiring urgently needed technology + non-IT goods and services. Perfect for remote work and collaboration, Document Builder makes it easy to manage the contributions of even the largest teams while saving time, ensuring compliance, and eliminating version control nightmares.

Evaluation Builder

Evaluation Builder replaces cumbersome evaluation workbooks with a modern, cloud-based system that allows evaluators to streamline and accelerate the entire evaluation process. Decisions are automatically captured and logged for greater transparency and security. Only City Innovate lets project managers create a form and set up evaluation criteria in one, simple step.


Analytics provides procurement, contract, grant, and budget teams with a single source of truth. Agencies can now track anticipated spending by category, subcategory, department, and more while easy-to-understand visual reporting provides insight into how a project is proceeding and identifies potential bottlenecks in the production process.


Unique to our Document Process Automation platform is our approach to integration. Documents produced on our system inherit the properties of flexible APIs. What this means for you: we can integrate with virtually any enterprise-class system already in use within your agency. From ServiceNow*, to PeopleSoft, to DocuSign.

*City Innovate partner.

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Built-in Intelligence
Document Builder
Evaluation Builder

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