The Problem

Managing vendor information is a complex challenge for most jurisdictions.  There’s plenty of information out there:  most vendors respond to numerous solicitations and grant applications over time. As they do their interactions can be used to create a deep profile of each vendor’s capabilities. The challenge this presents is twofold:

  1. How to keep the vendor’s profile current without burdening government employees who lack the bandwidth to do this by hand.
  2. How to provide a single source of truth about each vendor’s capabilities and previous experience in a jurisdiction.

The Solution

City Innovate’s Vendor Management Module provides a single source of truth for all your work with a vendor. Depending on your needs, we begin by pulling in information from your financial system to showcase what contracts have been awarded to a particular vendor.  Click on the vendor’s name, and you can see not only this information but also how they have responded to various procurement and market research challenges. Agencies can get insight into not only what a vendor has done for them in the past but also capabilities that may be important for future projects.

  • Self-help portal that enables vendors to update information themselves, including uploading compliance-related information (SOC2, DVBE Cert), without the involvement of federal, state, or local personnel
  • Seamless integration with other City Innovate modules for procurement, contracts, grants, and market research.  Optional integration with your financial system of record, too, so you can immediately see what projects a particular vendor has completed for your jurisdiction, and track expiring contracts for renewal alerts
  • Ability to assign tags to each vendor for project management purposes.  Tags are very flexible and can be temporary – for example – the results of a phased evaluation of vendor capabilities – or more permanent.
  • Built-in tools enable outreach via email to vendors in the database.  Supports targeting by tags.

Our Platform

Document Builder replaces desktop applications with a modern, cloud-based system built from the ground up for government agencies tasked with acquiring urgently needed technology + non-IT goods and services. Perfect for remote work and collaboration, Document Builder makes it easy to manage the contributions of even the largest teams while saving time, ensuring compliance, and eliminating version control nightmares.

Evaluation Builder replaces cumbersome evaluation workbooks with a modern, cloud-based system that allows evaluators to streamline and accelerate the entire evaluation process. Decisions are automatically captured and logged for greater transparency and security. Only City Innovate lets project managers create a form and set up evaluation criteria in one, simple step.

Analytics provides procurement, contract, or grant teams with a single source of truth. Agencies can now track anticipated spending by category, subcategory, department, and more while easy-to-understand visual reporting provides insight into how a project is proceeding and identifies potential bottlenecks in the production process.

Our Document Process Automation platform can serve as the backbone of your system of record for procurement, contracts, or grants. With its flexible APIs, the platform easily integrates with existing software such as ServiceNow, PeopleSoft, or DocuSign. From federal to state to local, we enable government agencies to optimize current systems and streamline processes by as much as 70%. We improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes that center around large documents including procurement, contracts, and grants administration.

Document Builder
Evaluation Builder