(STIR Labs)

Calling all Academics, Expand the Scope of Your Research

STIR Labs aims to increase the profile of researchers working with communities. Whether or not you have worked with governments before, we encourage you to apply.

  • Work on real-world problems of consequence to your community
  • Access governmental datasets and personnel
  • 16+ week, cohort driven program with potential for additional funding opportunities  
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How It Works

1) Challenge Sourcing
Governments identify challenges and solicit proposals through the STIR digital platform.

2) Proposals
Academics review opportunities and submit short, 1-2 page proposals to one or more challenges.

3) Selection
Governments review applications and interview top candidates then select one research team to partner with.

4) Scope of Work
Governments and research team up to co-develop a research design and scope of work with objectives for the collaboration period.

5) Collaboration Period
Research teams selected will collaborate with their government partner over a 16+ week period, carrying out the research plan.

6) Funding
Research culminates into a report. Potential for longer-term partnership and contract with government entity.


STIR Labs aims to establish a new model for academics to collaborate with the community to:

  • identify new funding sources for research
  • advance critical research
  • broaden the number and diversity of researchers working with communities
  • promote integrative research

Funded By The National Science Foundation

An EAGER Grant Awardee, which awards projects with potentially transformative research and research methodology.

Look through this years government-academic research challenges and the teams working on them.