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Application Period for Governments to Join Inaugural Cohort is Now Closed. Congratulations to Selected Government Members.

STIR Labs is a ground-breaking program that connects colleges and universities with government agencies to solve research challenges together.

  • Tap into talent that is equally invested in your communities.
  • Work with diverse researchers reflective of your communities.
  • Benefit from innovative ideas in academia around critical issues your communities are facing.

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STIR Labs Inaugural Cohort - Government Members

How It Works

1) Challenge Sourcing
Collect ideas for research challenges across departments and manage them through a visual drag-and-drop pipeline.

2) Identify Projects
Department staff turn ideas into challenge statements through a guided and structured process.

3) Publish Projects
Department staff review and publish legally compliant solicitations to our platform. Submit as many projects as your team can manage.

4) Solicitation
City Innovate actively markets your challenge.

5) Proposals
Academics respond to your challenges and submit standardized 1-2 page proposals online.

6) Review Proposals
Department staff review proposals and select the best candidates to interview.

7) Scope of Work
Select a winning candidate to partner with and co-design a research plan.

8) 16+ Week Collaboration
City Innovate facilitates effective government-research collaboration through training and continuous support.

9) Funding
Successful projects that prove to be highly impactful potentially result in longer-term funding from NSF.


STIR Labs aims to establish a new model for academics to collaborate with the community to:

  • identify new funding sources for research
  • advance critical research
  • broaden the number and diversity of researchers working with communities
  • promote integrative research

Funded By The National Science Foundation

An EAGER Grant Awardee, which awards projects with potentially transformative research and research methodology.

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