We procurement

(Said no one ever)

But here at City Innovate it's true. We focus on CIOs, Agency Leaders, and Procurement Officers tasked with driving innovation and digital transformation from inside of City, County, State, and Federal government. What they tell us is that procurement is the first step towards innovation and digital transformation. To make that first step happen with more speed & less effort, we make a suite of enterprise software products that work in the cloud, support remote collaboration, and will turbocharge your workflows. City Innovate has been working with Cities, Counties, States, and Federal agencies since 2013 to change how procurement gets done.

How We're Different

Where others focus on selling technology first, we focus on building capacity around Agile Procurement inside government. Agile Procurement involves taking an iterative pencil to workflows and processes, so as to cut the time and effort required to get to the result desired. One hallmark of agile procurement is asking the question: how can we make the procurement process better match the pace of technology? This takes careful attention to people, process, and technology.


  • Build capacity & culture change through training
  • Increase productivity
  • Enable real-time collaboration


  • Experts in accelerating very large procurements as needed to support digital transformation
  • Consultants on Agile Procurement methods


  • Battle-tested for remote work and COVID-19
  • Secure
  • Robust


Our overall mission is to make government a force for social good. It's why we are structured as a public-benefit corporation to ensure we keep our focus not just on revenues but also the needs of the people served by government. Through our STIR program, we enable government to source technology from minority contractors, startups and innovators, and local entrepreneurs.

Our History

2013 STIR is Born

STIR begins as a special project within the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, founded by then Chief Innovation Officer for San Francisco, Jay Nath.

2014 City Innovate is Founded

City Innovate is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit on a mission to work with the public and private sector to address urban problems, founded by Kamran Saddique.

2015 STIR Takes Root

STIR receives a federal grant from the Department of Commerce to grow STIR regionally to Oakland, San Leandro, and West Sacramento.

2017 STIR Branches Out

To expand the impact of STIR further, City Innovate begins to co-manage STIR in partnership with the City of San Francisco. STIR launches in 13 cities this year.

2018 STIR Moves to City Innovate

STIR officially becomes part of City Innovate, creating opportunities to expand the program beyond California. 22 governments and 39 startups participate to address 43 challenges

2019 STIR Goes Digital

To expand its impact internationally, City Innovate becomes a Public Benefit Corporation and builds a digital platform to bring challenge-based procurement to governments at scale

2020 STIR Labs is Born

To bring the success of STIR into academia, City Innovate, with funding from NSF, launches STIR Labs to expand its impact to the research space.

NEW FOR 2020

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