The Problem

Some companies just sell you software.  We believe that our job isn’t ‘done’ until you’ve been onboarded, feel comfortable with our platform, have bonded with your customer success person, and are fully trained on how to get the most value from your investment in City Innovate.

Our Solution

We offer complete implementation services.  Our goal is to make you and your team productive with our module(s) within a matter of weeks versus months or even years that can be required for complex, ERP-type systems.  We can do this because our applications were built from the ground up for government, allowing us to focus on configuring each of our products for your success versus customizing a more generic solution.

Training of the end users themselves and/or super users in a train-the-trainer format

graphic of onboarding

Onboarding of end users into the system; establishment of permissions over various sections of solicitations based on granular permission architecture

graphic of documents to be uploaded

Uploading of all exhibits and attachments needed for compliance purposes for one-click access when creating solicitations, contracts, and grant applications

graphic of business logic

Integration with business logic used by ServiceNow or the equivalent

graphic of 4 hands coming together

Integration with legacy systems as required

graphic of training

Access to a resource center with how-to tips and helpful videos

Access to Customer Success via chat or email 24/7

Dedicated Technical Account Manager (optional)


Phased Approach

Typically, we take a phased approach to implementation.

Training and onboarding focus on a small number of agency leaders and procurement officers who will be using the products in a hands-on fashion. We want to make sure the initial training/onboarding “sticks” before moving on to train and onboard the remainder of your end users.

We find this phased approach greatly reduces risk and increases the likelihood of product acceptance.

Customer Success people at City Innovate stay with you every step of the way, to answer questions and help with implementation issues as they come up.