March 21, 2022 • Uncategorized

Critical Technology Projects Funded In 30 Days with the Technology Modernization Fund

During the inaugural application period of the Technology Modernization Fund, California state departments submitted 21 project applications using City Innovate’s online intake portal to evaluate their suitability for a TMF award or other assistance. Suitable projects would include the following criteria; strong support from the requesting entity’s executive leadership, the commitment of resources required to be successful, and a high probability that the solution can be implemented successfully within one year.

All 21 of the projects under consideration received invaluable feedback and direction from the selection committee, comprised of Undersecretaries and Deputy Directors in the state, through City Innovate’s Business/Stakeholder Analysis module. The TMF project review and approval process empowers submitting Secretaries to understand the state’s funding priorities, recognize their department’s readiness, and continue to address their challenges internally.

From the 21 projects, the selection committee recommended two challenges to the Office of Digital Innovate (ODI) for funding. Four projects moved forward with a TMF award. Work on the TMF funded projects began in January 2022.

City Innovate continues its partnership with the CDT as Round Two of the TMF is currently underway. Round Two includes updates to the application and evaluation process based on lessons learned from Round One.