June 15, 2015 • Uncategorized

Global Cities Share Innovation Strategies at City Innovate Summit

15 mayors and international cities are getting together in San Francisco on June 17–18 in SF to discuss leveraging technology, open data, and empowered cities to make our cities better, more inclusive, and just.

Here’s a roundup of what each city will be talking about:

Impact of Universal Broadband on Economic Development

Chief Innovation officer Maria MacGuingal and her team will present how Sacramento is experimenting with municipal WiFi, smart city fiber, through public and private partnerships to become a hub of innovation entrepreneurship and technology.

San Francisco
The role of the arts in economic development and urban vitality

As cities compete for talent and seek to nurture their unique character, the arts are as important than ever in catalyzing innovation, fostering civic engagement and driving conversation across communities. Arts Commission Member Dorka Kheen and Tom DeCaigny, philanthropist Deborah Rappaport and arts leaders Josette Melchor and Shelley Trott will discuss how the arts and tech communities engage and the challenges of building an arts ecosystem in an increasingly expensive city.

Tel Aviv
Startup City Vision

Tel Aviv will discuss its long-term strategic plan to nurture the city’s startup ecosystem and ensure its viability. City leadership realized that to maintain global competitiveness as a leading business and cultural center it would need policies to attract start-ups and engage talent and while deploy programs and experiments to leverage this global leadership.

Project Copenhagen Connecting

A laboratory to shape the future of Denmark’s capital city. The role that an Innovation Lab can play in driving innovation and citizen engagement. Innovation Center Denmark CEO Søren Juul Jørgensen will discuss Copenhagen’s open innovation laboratory and how the project engages citizens, companies, and builds political support and public for their smart city effort. Joining him will be Soren Kvist, Chief Consultant Copenhagen Solutions Lab and David Overton, Senior Business Developer Technical University of Denmark.

Human-Centered Innovation

The City of Boston is an early leader in civic innovation, pioneering its office of New Urban Mechanics. Nigel Jacob presents Boston’s approach to technology and innovation which is centered around people and their needs in determining how government services are designed and deployed. He’ll explore how one builds a sense of community among organization that have similar aspirations but often don’t talk one another, how to build trust when innovation requires experimentation and thus risk, and how the office of new urban mechanics has inspired collaboration.

Belo Horizonte
Mobility as a Cornerstone Strategy for Inclusiveness

Belo Horizonte is the third largest metropolitan area in Brazil. This is a city making urban mobility more sustainable by improving the public transport system, encouraging non-motorized modes and implementing pedestrian only walkways.

Please join with the City Innovate Foundation and other citizens, leaders, policy wonks, entrepreneurs in discussing what innovations makes our cities smart — both today and in the future. To purchase tickets or join the conversation, please go to http://summit.cityinnovate.org