August 1, 2023 • Announcements

Meet Jessica MacLeod, Director of Customer Outcomes

Jessica has a long and storied history in govtech and civic technology. Highlights of her career include:

  • Director of Digital Services & Open Government for the City of San Rafael (California)
  • Co-Founder, US Digital Response
  • 7 Years running Customer Success for Tyler Technologies and Socrata

Initially, Jessica came to City Innovate to set up digital success programs that would help both the company and our clients scale as they adopted Document Process Automation™ (DPA).

The notion behind DPA is that while there are a plethora of eProcurement solutions – look at this messy ecosystem map! – the vast majority of the solutions miss the fact that creating and collaborating on procurement documents sits at the heart of the procurement process. Accelerate documents production and especially collaboration and you can greatly accelerate the procurement process.


Most e-procurement solutions throw in everything and the kitchen sink that the vendor thinks you need to facilitate procurement. City Innovate’s approach is different on purpose. At City Innovate, we focus on the people, processes, and technologies that procurement teams needed to accelerate the end-to-end process flows around procurement. The missing piece – we find repeatedly – is attention to what it really takes to produce the kind of complex documents (“solicitations”) that are required for most if not all strategic procurement of IT as well as non-IT services.

We provide an advanced platform for DPA that recognizes that procurement today is very much a team sport. There is a crying need for solutions that allow procurement officials to work from templates, so as to avoid re-inventing the wheel every time they start a new procurement. This forces compliance in a way that doesn’t rely on memory, memorizing complex contract manuals, or even compliance checklists that can quickly become unwieldy.

More recently, Jessica moved into a new role as Director of Customer Outcomes, managing the Customer Success, Support, and Education teams. The goal is to have one team dedicated to ensuring City Innovate Customers realize meaningful value from our products as quickly as possible. We’re aligning resources in a one stop shop around training, education, technical support, customer success, and building a Center of Excellence to help our customers in government share best practices and scale their impact nationwide.