August 1, 2023 • Announcements

Meet Kelley Dorning, Director of Customer Experience

Kelley came to City Innovate after 7 years working for the State of California in various roles, including most recently 2 years spent as Assistant Division Chief, Contracts and Procurements for DHCS.

Initially, she worked with clients such as the Department of Child Support Services, CalRecycle , and Department of State Hospitals as the head of the Client Success here at City Innovate, onboarding folks into solutions like Document Builder (to build solicitations and other complex documents in less time with 100% compliance thanks to our templated approach) and Evaluation Builder (provides an online submission portal plus all the tools a team needs to evaluate submissions to accelerate the vendor selection process.)

More recently, Kelley moved into a new role as Director of Customer Experience. In this role, Kelley will be working closely with our clients to better understand their needs and ensure that the capabilities they are looking for are built into our advanced platform for Document Process Automation™. Foundational to our customer’s adoption of our technology service offerings is ensuring we architect and design solutions with a deep understanding of our customer’s needs and how we can accelerate their process flows.

Here’s what Kelley has to say about her new role at City Innovate:

I am filled with excitement about the opportunity to collaborate with our customers, gaining a profound understanding of the unique procurement challenges they encounter and converting these obstacles into practical solutions. These individuals are truly dedicated to delivering essential services to underserved communities, often without much recognition. They are the unsung heroes of our community, and I am incredibly motivated to assist them in fulfilling their missions. Together with the visionary leaders at City Innovate, our unwavering commitment is to continually enhance Document Process Automation, moving it closer to the ideal solution for our highly valued government partners.