Consulting on Agile Procurement

Included in our agile procurement work can be the introduction of Challenge-Based RFPs (CBP) to the mix of procurement vehicles used (RFIs, RFPs, etc.)

CBP is a form of procurement that allows decision-makers inside government to move away from detailed requirements in favor of issuing an outcome-based problem statement.

For example, for a Department of Motor Vehicles concerned with how to implement REAL ID in the face of COVID-19, the challenge statement might read like so:

“Recommend a process and associated technology to enable applicants for REAL ID to understand what documents they must bring to an appointment, set up the appointment in a few clicks, and enable DMV personnel to pre-qualify the applicant before they ever set foot inside a DMV office. The overall goal is to reduce the number of face-to-face encounters at the DMV to a bare minimum.”

The goal with Challenge-Based RFPs is to see the vendors respond in an innovative ways that will get the government to the outcome desired.  

Recently, we consulted with the State of California on how to make their procurement process more agile, working hand-in-glove with decision-makers in the California Department of Technology to flow diagram a multi-step procurement process.

Consulting on agile procurement can include the following tasks:

  • Assessment of current procurement processes
  • Recommendations as to how to make the entire process more agile
  • Analysis of baseline throughput on acquisition of new technology
  • Establishment of quantitative metrics for process improvement
  • Development of detailed implementation plan
  • Participation in working group tasked with implementing agile procurement
  • Monthly or quarterly reporting in dashboard format on implementation progress

Agile Procurement for Government