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Transforming How Government and Academia Collaborate

STIR Labs is a national applied research program funded by the National Science Foundation that connects governments and academic teams to co-develop and apply research that offer solutions to the critical issues that communities face. Join us to accelerate community impact with your subject matter expertise.  


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STIR Labs Research Cohort Summit

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How It Works

STIR Labs is a collaborative process that enables government agencies and academics to co-develop and advance research addressing the pressing challenges of our time.

Develop Research Challenges.

Define research challenges and goals with support from our experienced advisory board.

Select Research Partners.

Challenges are published and academic partners can apply to projects of interest. Government teams review applications and select partner.

Research Commences.

Government and research partners co-design research plan. Research commences over a 16+ week period.

Research Report and Impact.

Research outcomes are presented with potential for continual partnership between government and research teams.


STIR Labs aims to establish a new model for academics to collaborate with the community to:

  • identify new funding sources for research
  • advance critical research
  • broaden the number and diversity of researchers working with communities
  • promote integrative research

STIR Labs Informational Webinar

STIR Labs Director, Susana Benavidez, and NSF Program Director, David Corman, give an overview of STIR Labs, go through the timeline and answers questions from webinar attendees.

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Funded By The National Science Foundation

An EAGER Grant Awardee, which awards projects with potentially transformative research and research methodology.

About City Innovate ( STIR )

STIR Labs leverages City Innovate's success with Startup In Residence (STIR) which has brought together numerous successful government and startup partnerships. STIR Labs aims to bring that same success to the field of academia.

STIR By The Numbers


startups have participated in STIR


startups have applied to government challenges


governments use STIR for procurement


of partnerships result in a contract

Learn about the inaugural research projects and the government-academic teams behind them.